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Our services include consultations, resumes, and finding your next assignment.


Have just a few questions that you don't want to ask in a public forum? Well, Kay has time to help you! For a $49 consultation fee, Kay will take time out of her busy schedule and help you get started on the travel nursing path.


Need an update to your resume? Don't know how to organize all your assignments and agencies? Trust us!

Kay has 17 years of travel nursing experience in two pages.

Assignment Coaching

Looking for an assignment, but can't find the right one? Are you looking for that elusive first assignment? That one is always the hardest to obtain. Kay has coached SEVERAL first timers and found just the right first assignment!

The Voice Of Experience

Nurse – Traveler – Leader – Educator – Author

Nurse for 30+ years, a Traveler with 17 years on the road, and now she concentrates on travel education.

She has her nursing associates, a Bachelor’s in Education, and a Grad-level Management Certificate. She enjoys teaching nurses and recruiters.

Nine out of her ten travel nursing books have gone to #1 on Amazon in the Nursing – Issues, Trends, and Roles category. In fact, one morning, she woke up to find all THREE current books on the Top Twenty.

Leona Kay Slane, BSed, ADN, CGM, RN

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With over 20 years in the industry, Kay is your connection to agencies. She knows most of the CEOs and Agency Leaders through her involvement in SIA (Staffing Industry Analyst) conventions. She also has a strong relationship with recruiters. Some Kay has known since her first book came out in 2005. No wonder she is considered the OG of Travel Nursing.

VIP Coaching Services


  • 20 Years of Experience
  • Unlimited Resume Help
  • Unlimited Credentialing Help
  • Unlimited Agency Contacts
Resume Services


  • 1 Updated Resume
  • 3 Day Turn Around
  • 5 Updates As Needed
  • 100s of Job Opportunities
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What Clients Are Saying

These testimonies are from two of my previous clients. Devney was my first nurse that I found an assignment for and Melissa was a newbie when I coached her to a great assignment.
Devney, RN

Devney, RN

Travel Nurse

"I can happily report to you that I am about to leave for my first travel assignment in two days. And just because I've gotten my assignment doesn't mean that Kay has abandoned me, and moved on to another newbie. She is still there when I need her. She is truly gifted at what she does."

Melissa, RN

Melissa, RN

Travel Nurse

“I have to commend Kay Slane, RN, for starting her Travel Nursing Newbie site, she has been so helpful not only for Newbies, but for all nurses. She really knows her stuff, and I have learned a lot. It’s unbelievable to me how knowledgeable she is. If you ever need help or advice, she is always there.”