Kay Slane, RN

Matriarch of Travel Nursing

ADN in Nursing

BS in Science Education

Grad-level Certificate in Nursing Administration

CEO of Highway Hypodermics, LLC

Kay The Leader

The Voice Of Experience

Kay has been a nurse since 1992 and a traveling healthcare professional for 15+ years. She currently travels during the winter as a traveling House Supervisor. In her spare time, she loves to guide newbie healthcare travelers to great assignments.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

Travel Healthcare Professionals have a hard time swimming in the ocean of travel healthcare agencies which state that they are “The best,” “The number one,” or “The leader” in travel nursing.  Newbies often don’t know where to start.  Do any of these statements fit you?

Dazed and Confused

Travel Nursing can be very confusing. Nurses don’t know where to start. There are so many other resources out there, that they don’t know who to trust. There are over 427 travel companies out there… how do you know which one is the one for you?

Missed Connections

Travel nurses are having troubles connecting with recruiters and companies that can get them that first job. They are being way too picky, and they fail at getting their first assignment. They don’t have a clue about the benefits that each company supplies.

Too Much Information

Maybe you are amazed by all the false information that you find on social media. You feel like no matter how many blogs and Facebook groups you are in, you can’t find a clear path. Everyone has an opinion, but where is the truth among all the different opinion.

You Can Have A Great Travel Healthcare Assignment!

We guide you through the process of…

Finding The Right Assignment

We have many job boards to find the best travel assignment for you.

Find The Right Recruiter

We work with many recruiters & managers who will find you the perfect recruiter for your personality.

Credentialing Assistance

We will walk you through all the credentialing process so there are no surprises.

What Are People Saying?

How Does It Work?

We give you the tools then guide you to finding the perfect first assignment.

Care Plan

When you sign up for our coaching services, Kay will contact you and a “care plan” will be made considering where you want to go and your specialty. 

Find The Best Jobs

Kay works hand in hand with recruiters who have a vast amount of experience to get you the best deal that is available.  We will contact these recruiters to see who has the best job for you, and then YOU decide which agency you would like to go with. 

Teaching Tools

You will also receive 6 module PDFs that will help you with the process to give you the greatest chance at being the greatest traveler that you can be!

Don’t Wait Any Longer! Get Started NOW!!

We are now offering our VIP services for only $199!!

For under $200, you take advantage of Kay’s years of experience and vast knowledge of travel healthcare companies. She works for you and is even available after hours in case of emergencies. We guarantee you an assignment within 3 months or you will receive a refund!!!

If we do not find a job for you in 3 months, you can receive a $100 refund.

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Coaching is helping people get better.