Travel Healthcare Professionals are having a hard time swimming in the ocean of company sharks and knowing which company is the best for them.

Kay has been in the Travel Healthcare business since 2003 as a traveler, traveler educator, and a trainer of recruiters. It is her passion to help out newbies who are having a difficult time finding that first assignment, especially those who have a fear of falling. She gets your travel boat close to the dock, so that you don’t fall when you make the leap.

Travel nurses want to make smart decisions about their first travel assignment.  They don’t want to be one of the many newbie travel nurses who is being preyed upon by some unethical companies.  Kay will make sure that you are ready to go, that your profile shines, and your interview skills are exceptional.  Through her 18 years of connections with travel companies, Kay has created a safe environment for travelers to take off in.

“I can happily report to you that I am about to leave for my first travel assignment in two days.  And just because I’ve gotten my assignment doesn’t mean that Kay has abandoned me, and moved on to another newbie.  She is still there when I need her.  She is truly gifted at what she does, and I’m so thankful that I found her.”   Devney W.

We Offer Three Levels of Services

Need help with your RESUME? We can update your resume so that you go noticed by staffing and unit managers related to the fact that Kay has worked as a House Supervisor since 2010, and knows what hospitals are looking for. This service is available to you for only $99.

For a $50 CONSULTATION FEE, Kay will take time out of her busy schedule and help you get started on the travel nursing path. For this, you need to go to Calendy https://calendly.com/kayslane/60min and setup a consultation. Payment can be made using the PayPal button below.

Kay guarantees that you will be totally satisfied with her services!

Coaching Services Available