Kay is here to help you!

“I can happily report to you that I am about to leave for my first travel assignment in two days. And just because I’ve gotten my assignment doesn’t mean that Kay has abandoned me, and moved on to another newbie. She is still there when I need her. She is truly gifted at what she does, and I’m so thankful that I found her.”

~Devney W.


30 to 60 Minute Consultation

During this consultation, Kay will listen to what is keeping you from setting out on your travel nursing adventure. We will come up with a plan to solve those problems, and Kay will assist you in the implementation of those solutions. If needed we can set up another follow-up consultation free of charge to assure that you are well on your way.


Resume Service

Have an old outdated resume? Kay can make it shine! By placing a few uncommon elements, you can have a resume that stands out. What about agencies that don’t use resumes? You can still use one! By keeping your resume up to date, it is easier for you to fill out the correct dates and data from your resume to the application. Definitely worth the moderate fee of $99


Our VIP Services

Kay guarantees that you will be satisfied with her services!

Have you looked and looked and looked and still can’t find the first travel assignment? The first one is the hardest to get, but Kay has a few tricks up her sleeves! It’s called using 20 years of information and contacts to find you the right assignment to get your foot in the door. Once you find that elusive first assignment, the rest of the assignments come easier. But still, if needed Kay will help you with that second one.